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Organizational Structure

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Key executives of the Bureau include

The Director-general, Deputy Director-general, Chief Secretary, and Senior Executive Officers.

Divisions under the Director-general:

Tourism Marketing Division, Tourism Business Division, Tourism Development Division, Tourism Engineering Division, Landscape Management Division, Zoo Management Office, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office.

Departments under the Landscape Management Division:

Lianchihtan (Lotus Pond) Service Center, Jinshih (Golden Lion) Lake Service Station, Shoushan Service Station, Cijin Service Station.

Management Subsection

Key responsibilities: Management of the collection and acquisition (through purchase, exchange, or donation) of various animals, conservation management, display configuration, maintenance of animal sheds and display facilities, academic research, medical treatment of animal diseases, animal healthcare and disease prevention, quarantine and disease detection, emergency care and injury treatment for wild animals.
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Operation Subsection

Key responsibilities include organizing educational and recreational activities, public facilities management, visitor services, park security, maintenance of order and public safety, landscaping maintenance, communication system management and equipment maintenance, marketing and promotion, soliciting social resources, providing guided tours, editing and publishing educational and academic journals, volunteer training and mobilization, school visit guidance and services.
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