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Tourism Development Vision

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Enjoy the tourism highlights and have fun in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is undergoing transformation from an industrial city into a modern and highly livable city. It is blessed with the advantages of mountains, sea, rivers, and ports, as well as rich cultural and natural resources. The Bureau adopts "enjoy the tourism highlights and have fun in Kaohsiung" as the core message. By using strategies such as providing guidance and enhancing the tourism industry, developing domestic and foreign tourism markets, diversified planning and creative marketing, building friendly and smart tourist services, promoting regional tourism and featured events, and creating unique tourist attractions, the aim is to establish the Kaohsiung tourism brand under which the scenic spots, events, and tours can all be aligned such that Kaohsiung as a new international tourism hotspot can be established, bringing in domestic and foreign tourists to experience the greatness and beauty of Kaohsiung.

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